Very well-written and convincing. I still have not experienced anyone who self-identifies as *exclusively* pan and not bi attack those who are bi as being lesser or more limited in some sort of projection of sexual acceptance superiority, but I can definitely imagine such a thing happening. Being pan -- is that really so cishet cool? Guess so! That seems indicative of a lot of insecurity on the part of the accuser.

As someone who is a bit of a stickler for the accuracy of Latin and Greek prefixes, I do find the various hand-waving away of that argument as…

In a nutshell, you don't have to get why such pieces are expressed, and this piece seems to imply heavily that you believe you have a complete grasp of the situation and yet simultaneously reveals that is not the case.

Take this assertion, for instance: "I imagine someone who has been growing up their whole life being taught that the Confederacy was a group of freedom fighters and that [Black people] just need to stop complaining and work harder encountering elements of [B]lack culture and falling in love." That paradigm seems to assume that that has never happened before, and…

Fiona Flora

Trans writer of color with a fairly eclectic background.

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